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Business Scan

One of the most fundamental steps in any change process is the company's ability to scan the current status of all its levels taking into account as many variables as possible.

Scanning a company can serve a number of purposes, from just wanting to known where present problems come from, or , even more importantly, are going to. Too building a foundation for change by systematically photographing the organisational levels, by accumulating the collective skills and even  to go so far as to touch upon the atmosphere for change.

Process interruption to perform a scan is low. The investigation deals with a cross-section of the workforces interviewed for an hour as to their own role in the organisation. Ideally we work our way up in the organisation and in doing so are primarily interested in  workfloor-problems,- bottle-necks, -scope, freedom to think, motivation and floor history. The human factor transpires through all aspects from day to day management to mission and vision.



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