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Interim Management

A fully fletched assignment that must meet the condition of having the whip hand to quickly control the day to day business. Ideally interim management transcends into some kind of minority participation to commit all parties involved. The scope of the assignment forces HP to contextualise its actions, market analysis and competitor-scan must be linked to product range and sales strategies.

Geographic limitations, beam-theory and logistics come into play. Internally a process- and activity-scan will indicate the company’s health. Each phase in the change-process will be evaluated and checked whether a go or no go is appropriate. Contrary to the take over-situation we will lead the company ourselves and strong focus will be on the core-competence drivers of the organisation.

Once the organisational landscape is clear the HP approach enrols and will simultaneously unrolls matching product range and market analysis, implementing financial strategy and simple but effective monthly reports. Which holds water in the same sense for diagnosing human leverage concerning the installed base on the one hand and flexibility to change on the other.
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