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What can we do for you?

From our respective core-disciplines; market analyses, sales and human potential we have developed a variety of services that range from ‘external’ management-projects which are limited in size and in scope, to the acquisition of suitable companies.

Our expertise adds up, overlaps, interacts and as a result chemicalises into a co-operative management style that, based on knowledge of the field, experience and necessary skills, culminates in goal directed behaviour that turns away from internal mistrust and power games.

HP strength lies in modelling leadership behaviour first and then carefully select those who can follow up.  We model, train and shape top management while parallel work floor procedures are simplified and standardised. Hot issues are tackled, mission and vision discussed and settled on. Market-, financial- and personnel-issues are incorporated into a reporting discipline tailor made to the company at hand, and only then HP can gradually begin to phase out.

Doing business with heart in mind