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What is our goal?

By finding the quickest and most economic way to turn around organisations it is possible for HP to coach two new or fresh organisations  a year. Taskforce-methods will flex capacity and span of control. Standard ways to report, recruit, remove bottle-necks and creatively reposition market roles will enable us to round off a turnaround within a year. Precisely the owner’s moment to decide for a quick exit preparation or a more fundamental growth scenario which may take two more years.

An organisation’s future that only partly influences the number of customers HP can take on simultaneously.  In 10 years time we want to have a considerably large and influential group of companies, either in turnover ….or in number…, play a major role in various branches and set a school of thought in how to change an organisation all to sustain the idea that the HP approach and philosophy is ethically sound and  very profitable. A coherent way of working that can begin to set an example.

Doing business with heart in mind