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With whom do we want to work?

In order to quicken our pace we would like to be involved in shared enterprises. Work together with investors on an honest, direct and no nonsense basis. Both quick exits and longer term investments can be part of the deal.

A careful selection of organisations to share is of prime importance, next to a mutual feeling of partnership, willingness to communicate and having confidence in the expertise on both sides. Based on sufficient objective criteria, such as: level of expertise, experience, minimal risk and maximum opportunity, trust and good feeling will fall into its proper place in working together on a regular feedback basis.

Investing money having a committed taskforce to intervene at hand seems more than a necessary fall back alone. It will mean more variables under control minimising the downside risk and seizing market chances whenever they occur. Given the right hearts, given the right people, a perfect match to co-operate!

Doing business with heart in mind