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Training and coaching of our workforce should be done on a continual basis. No organisation has the luxury to do nothing and hoping that all employees have sufficient means and inherent motivation to continually improve their contribution to the product or service.

Leaders should feed, initiate, stimulate and cross fertilise all possible chances to enhance employee performance. Be it in the classroom or on the workplace.

Training and coaching is too often treated as a luxury thing, a workplace embellishment, and a leader’s gesture that he has a good heart for his people. Training, however, should be used as a management tool, well balanced and to the point. Theory should support praxis and practical solutions should be functionally embedded in the current notions on the profession at stake.

It should strengthen the employee in his work and the organisation in her market share, increasing profitability, improved quality or better branding of her name and reputation. It is the acceleration the inner ‘swirl’ of the organisation. Sometimes coming from and personified by the charismatic leader, and sometimes wonderfully grasped by the intelligent structure of the organisation itself. No ‘swirl’ means no control over growth other than growth we meet by accident.

When we do not perceive sufficient control over our own organisational performance, training and coaching are very sophisticated ways to re-balance, to change, to restructure and to improve our employee performance at the same time!

Doing business with heart in mind