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Communication Module I

In this course we will deal with verbal (vb)and nonverbal (nvb) communication. The relative role and significance, the interplay between vb and nvb will be thoroughly analysed.. The setting will be the workplace, the selling situation, the shop floor or the department at the office.

Differences in communication styles, own styles, determination of patterns over signals will be explained and demonstrated. Elements of NLP and communication sciences will be used to explain behaviour. Practical, down to earth, easy to make use of and hands on are the most important points of view in dealing with communication in general and the individual’s workplace interaction in particular.



2 or 3 days



Group sessions of maximum 12 people. Heavy emphasis on simulations of day to day business, role-plays, extensive analysis, demonstrations, skill enhancement.




External, evening sessions included. Organisational preferences are taken into account.


Doing business with heart in mind