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How to conduct a meeting

Important quality time is dedicated to having meetings of all kind. Skill in handling a group can have far reaching consequences. One can accelerate or slow down key business processes.

Knowing what to do, when to interrupt, share knowledge in time, restrict group influence, or, just the opposite, give way to the group’s interest, is elemental in leading a group’s ambition in line with the organisational goals. Important skills and knowledge that can be briefly explained and simulated, very helpful for beginning, having-it-my–way managers, or, plainly, those managers who do not listen to others!!




1 or 2 days



Group sessions of maximum 12 people. Heavy emphasis on simulations of  
day to day business, role-plays, extensive analysis, demonstrations, skill




External, evening sessions included. Organisational preferences are taken into account.


Doing business with heart in mind