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NLP skills I

NLP which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming is a highly interesting field of knowledge that can be very helpful in teaching communication skills for businessmen. Based on the natural skills of Milton Erickson (psychiatrist and teacher) we try to carefully select the most relevant elements from NLP methods partly laid down by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

In principle NLP is an eclectic approach to psychology. Eclectic meaning that you can pick and choose what seems to work best in any given (problem) situation. In trying to lead people or the organisation it helps to understand how people think and act. It helps even more when the leader is interested in the people who work for him because nothing is without commitment.




2 or 3 days



Group sessions of maximum 10 people. Heavy emphasis on simulations of  
day to day business, role-plays, extensive analysis, demonstrations, skill




External, evening sessions included. Organisational preferences are taken into account.











Doing business with heart in mind